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Joe B. Rivera Jr. 5072 Annunciation Circle, Suite #104
(13 Reviews) 5/5

When we started to think about buying a house, we had a lot of questions. We checked out several places here in Florida and other states like Georgia and North Carolina. After we visited the Ave Maria community, we knew without a doubt where our new home would be. Our buying experience started at the Maple Ridge, then went to Del Webb. We loved the new models, but we could not find a location. Also, there was the problem of where to live for six months while a new house was being built. We were close to giving up hope for a move to Ave Maria when we stopped at Joe Rivera's office. Joe completely understood our needs. He did a great job helping us find our dream home, located on the perfect site. Joe assisted us during the entire process and explained everything in detail. His professionalism and market knowledge helped us through the process from beginning to end. Joe's is one of Ave Maria's best promoters. He is always talking about the benefits of living in this beautiful community. Joe also seeks out the best options for his customers. You never feel pressured when working through the difficult decisions. Along with all of the above, we really enjoyed his company. We bought our dream home, but we also made a friend.

Z & Steven L.