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Joe B. Rivera Jr. 5072 Annunciation Circle, Suite #104
(13 Reviews) 5/5

Just a few word to thank Joe Rivera for his assistance on our journey to Ave Maria. Joe was with us from the time of our first arrival to investigate this area as a retirement site to the closing of our beautiful home in Ave Maria on July 10, 2014. He assisted us with detail to help familiarize us with Del Webb and the community at large. While we waited at our home in St Louis for construction he monitored the building process and kept us informed of progress and problems. The frequent pictures he sent really helped us know “real time” the progress and quality of the home from the ground up. He communicated with us frequently to give us assurance the schedule was being met which helped immeasurably with the sale of our residence and the timing for movement to Ave Maria. He continues to assist our settling in by acquainting us with neighbors and service people while we make our house our home. Not only that, he has also become a good friend. Thank You Joe.

Pat & AC S.